Buildr Widgets

This page contains a small sample of what is possible using Buildr’s Live Page Builder widgets. This page is set to the Page Template A template. This means that any page set to Page Template A will display the same widgets that you have assigned to this template from the theme customizer. This feature allows you to assign unique widgets to each template, allowing you to create pages that look very different from one another.

Each one of the widgets you see on this page allows you to set the background color, text color, padding, alignment and more. Some of these widgets have options for video, images, buttons as well as different layout templates. These settings are set on a per-widget basis, allowing you to re-use the same widget, with a different appearance!

Buildr comes with a default page template, with it’s own widget areas, as well as Page Template A, B and C, each with their own above and below content widget areas. This text is part of the page content itself, which can be edited by clicking on Edit page. The widget areas appear above and below the content, and will only appear if there are widgets assigned to these areas.